Charlotte Discovers Snow

We’re back in Moscow to spend the holidays with J., and one of the big priorities for this trip (besides eating tons of Georgian food and Russian sausage, and oh yeah the whole Christmas thing) is to take Charlotte out to play in the snow.

You see, Charlotte may be Canadian through and through, but she has never been out to play in the snow. Last winter, she was barely walking and we deemed her still too young. And this year, well Beijing barely gets any snow.

But Moscow, oh Moscow has snow and then some!

On Christmas day, once the presents had been opened and we started to get a bit stir crazy, we bundled Charlotte up and took her to a nearby playground.

The poor kiddo was rather confused at first, not sure exactly what she was supposed to do in the snow. But after a few demonstrations from J, she quickly got the hang of making snow angels and throwing snowballs, and had a blast!


making snowballs

"Oops, I don't think mama liked getting hit by my snowball!"

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